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Zebra Technologies provides devices for the enterprise to acquire, process and consume myriad forms of data, be it from a barcode, magnetic stripe, RFID tag, smart card, image, text or other technology. To enable Zebra partners and customers of varying skills and requirements to make use of its devices, we offer a broad array of tools designed to suit the requirements and capabilities of most any organization.


Zebra mobile and touch computers are equipped with a variety of scanning devices, each of which can be accessed through software included with the device or with apps developed by a partner or customer. Zebra's solutions are described below in order from easiest (and with the least coding required) to the most powerful and complex.

DataWedge - Easiest; Coding Optional

DataWedge provides barcode scanning and processing services for devices running Android, and is the fastest and easiest way to add scanning to an existing app. Included with every Zebra device, DataWedge enables any app on the device to acquire scanned data without using the scanner APIs directly. DataWedge can be configured in minutes to automatically activate a particular scanner or reader whenever a particular app is launched, and can manipulate and hand off acquired data according to simple or complex rules.

PROS: No coding required, APIs increase power and versatility

CONS: Fixed feature set

SimulScan - Easy, No Coding; Some Setup Required

SimulScan is included only with supported devices, and is designed to optimize workflow by enabling acquisition of multiple points of data in a single step. SimulScan is well suited to organizations in which scanning is frequent, and scanned forms have one or more barcodes, or if multiple data types (such as barcodes, text and images) are to be acquired. Optionally, SimulScan can integrate with an organization's native Android app and parse captured data directly into the app.

PROS: No coding required, APIs increase efficiency, effectiveness

CONS: Limited device support; longer setup time than DataWedge; subject to per-device licensing

Enterprise Browser is a small-footprint web browser for which apps can be built

builds cross-platform scanning apps with minimal coding.

Use EMDK for Android or EMDK for Xamarin SDKs to build or modify Java or C# apps that acquire data on Android devices.

PROS: Uses familiar HTML interface; apps are cross-platform; broad device support

CONS: Longer setup time; some JavaScript coding; per-device licensing required


Zebra output solutions range from simple line printing from an Enterprise Browser to the development of printer apps and firmware using Link-OS.


Secure an App

Zebra security ranges from simple, feature-based solutions to whole-device lock-down and encryption.

Enterprise Home Screen /ehs

Enterprise Browser /enterprise-browser/1-6/guide/security

Android Security /stagenow/2-3/Profiles/managesecurity/

Scanner Security Level (Android app) /emdk-for-android/6-3/.../ScannerConfig.SecurityLevel.html

Secure a Device

Device Encryption


Device Persistence


Lock Down Device Camera(s)


Create a Single-Use Device (Kiosk)

For use cases in which a device will be dedicated to a single task—such as that of an information kiosk, patient check-in system or price scanner—Zebra's Enterprise Home Screen can be used >>> BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Kiosk Mode also can be useful when dedicating a device to a single user and/or task, such as a retail clerk's hand-held barcode scanner. Kiosk Mode opens the app in full-screen mode and prevents exit by blocking the BACK and HOME keys.

EHS can be used with or without an Enterprise Browser app. For an concise overview of EHS configuration, see the Device Lock-down With EHS section of the Enterprise Browser docs. The EHS User Guide contains complete instructions.

Migrating Apps

When the need arises to migrate existing apps from one device platform to another, such as from Windows CE to Android,

Migration tools can put a new face on older apps, modernize apps for terminal emulation or help move apps from older platforms to new ones.

All Touch TE (fake) /link-os/latest/android

Pocket Browser /enterprise-browser/1-6/guide/pb2/

Rho Elements /enterprise-browser/1-6/guide/elements/

Rho Mobile /enterprise-browser/1-6/guide/rhomobile/

Windows Mobile/CE /emdk-for-xamarin/2-4/guide/about/

C# to Android /emdk-for-xamarin/2-4/guide/about/

Modernize the UI of an app

Managing and Staging Devices

StageNow is Zebra's world-class device staging and management system.

StageNow /stagenow